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Canvas On Demand is the leading online provider of photo on canvas prints

Canvas on Demand turns your precious photograph into a perfect piece of Canvas Print Art. Canvas on Demand can use your digital pictures or any traditional prints, photos.

It offers the customer a variety of sizes and retouching techniques such as Light Brushstrokes, Colorization, Collages, Restoration, Photo Splits and more to create your superbly finished top quality canvas prints. All reproductions are done on UV-treated canvas, which means the picture will not fade, and can be ordered with a frame ($20 to $60) or without. reviews Canvas On Demand customer reviews canvasondemand reviews understands that all the original images, snapshots, traditional images and digital prints have a special meaning to the customer. It is an honor to make such an artwork from these images.

With Canvas On Demand's 100% canvas print customer satisfaction guarantee, you can trust your canvas photo print maker company which is the best in the on-demand canvas prints market!


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Customer Reviews

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canvas-on-demand comments
N.L. wrote on:    Wednesday, 09.3.14 @ 11:37am
I had my photo printed and it arrived in a timely manner. I printed my digital image prior to ordering to make sure the color was correct, and it came out perfectly. However, my canvas from Canvas On Demand came out purple with a complete purple tint. I have written back and forth with this company and they say they will not replace it unless it is damaged or defective (which it is and is clearly visable in pictures I sent them.) They will however replace it if I pay another $50.00. They made a mistake and want me to pay for this mistake. This company has many many complaints as I have now seen on the better business bureau site, where I will go next to lodge a complaint about this goupon deal. I have had wonderful success with every other company I have used through groupon, but this was a total waste of money. They act as if because this was purchased through Groupon, they do not need print this canvas correctly.
canvas-on-demand comments
Maria Grace wrote on:    Thursday, 08.14.14 @ 05:07am
This company is amazing. Order was delivered in only 2 days, customer service was excellent. Definitely ordering again.
canvas-on-demand comments
jainamshah wrote on:    Friday, 04.25.14 @ 09:34am
I appreciate all opinion because of all have own opinion as i have. *Consider cheap canvas print store "Canvas Champ". Once check price list yo u will surprise by it get order:
canvas-on-demand comments
Amanda wrote on:    Saturday, 03.15.14 @ 07:22am
I heard about Canvas on Demand because they were running a great Groupon deal. I decided to order one for my Mom and Dad\'s wedding anniversary. I found the perfect picture, however, it was taken a few years ago on a digital camera that is at least 10 years old. I submitted my photo, and the website is easy to navigate through. I received an email from the customer service at Canvas on Demand, and they explained to me that the size I had ordered made my photo look digitalized, and they warned me because they thought I might not be happy with how it looks. I was able to re-submit the photo to them via email from the original computer, and they helped me pick the biggest size that would still show quality! Great customer service! Also, they let me know when it was shipped, and only a couple days later it arrived at my house! This was much sooner than I expected! Great company, friendly customer service, and great overall service!
canvas-on-demand comments
Dennis wrote on:    Monday, 10.7.13 @ 15:33pm
I\'ve ordered two 16x20 canvases from Canvas On Demand using a Groupon code last week. Delivery was super fast, however one of the picture was darker than it appeared on line. I\'ve contacted COD and at first they refused to fix it, but admitted their processes will darken the picture. After the second contact, customer service took accountable and made it right!

To avoid any redo, make sure your picture is bright and even lighted. I would recommend Canvas on Demand for very good quality and great customer service.
canvas-on-demand comments
Julie wrote on:    Thursday, 12.13.12 @ 17:18pm
I agree with Tricia. I placed an order, there was a problem with my photo, and the 1-800 customer service number actually tells you they are too busy to talk to you, and recommends you use the online chat feature or e-mail. I tried both. I was on online chat for over 4 hours while I was at my desk working, and never recieved a person to chat with. I did get a response to my e-mail, which did not make any sense because it told my my old photos looked great (the ones which were too poor quality for them to use) and my order would arrive by 12/22. I had uploaded new photos because the old photos were poor quality. I have purchased from these guys before, and they do great work, but this is the WORST customer service I have ever had. EVER. In spite of their great work, I don't think I will ever purchase anything from them again because they clearly cannot handle to volume they are trying to promote.
canvas-on-demand comments
Trisha Lowe wrote on:    Friday, 12.7.12 @ 20:21pm
I received 3 emails and two phone calls from the company stating there was a problem. There was no one in the office on the weekend. I phoned on Monday, and was placed on hold for 30 minutes. Then, an option of leaving a call back number holding your spot in line was offered. I did. No one called me back. Then, I tried the live chat option. I waited for 45 minutes. No one was ever available. I wrote an email Monday night. The company sent a response stating someone would call me back the next day. No one did. The following day I waited another thirty minutes for a live chat and finally found out I need to resubmit a picture. Now, I\'ve received another email and have spent two hour just trying to have a live chat. The estimated wait time was 31 minutes and 31 seconds. I waited for 115 minutes. My product was prepaid so I had no other option but to wait. This is the worst company I have ever dealt with. Clearly they are understaffed and have little on no concern for their customers.
canvas-on-demand comments
tj wrote on:    Wednesday, 04.18.12 @ 12:45pm
I have many Canvas on Demand Portraits....THEY ARE ALWAYS BEAUTIFUL. I have used other companies and there is no comparison.
canvas-on-demand comments
Elaine wrote on:    Tuesday, 06.15.10 @ 13:22pm
I ordered one canvas print a few months ago and love it. The colors are prfect and the corners look good. I would recommend Canvas On Demand to anyone wishing to make a photo into a canvas!
canvas-on-demand comments
Melinda wrote on:    Sunday, 05.23.10 @ 00:36am
I ordered a Victorian style painting from Canvas On Demand and received it within two days. The picture on canvas was even more beautiful in person and adds warmth, style, and elegance to my room. I couldn’t be more pleased with their service and quality of product they offer. I look forward to ordering more canvas prints not just for myself but for my friends and family too. Thank you Canvas On Demand!!!
canvas-on-demand comments
Rebecca wrote on:    Wednesday, 05.19.10 @ 22:16pm
My son has two canvas prints from Canvas On Demand that are absolutely beautiful. The quality of the canvas and the clarity of the pictures speak for themselves. He has had them for almost 3 years now but the quality is the same as they were the day he got them. I recommend using Canvas On Demand for all your print arts because of the quality of the prints, as well as the friendly and helpful customer service.

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