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Canvas On Demand Groupon Deal

Canvas On Demand Groupon

<< For $45

you can get one 16"x20" gallery wrapped canvas from Canvas on Demand, including handling and shipping to anywhere in the U.S.

Save $82 with 65% Discount!

Your photo is printed on to 100% cotton canvas, giving a look as if it were painted on. If you’d like something larger or different that’s fine too, just remember you have a Groupon worth $126.95 to apply to anything on the site.

This is a Canvas On Demand Groupon online deal, so anyone can get it, no mather in wich cities is the Groupon! If you’re new to Groupon, it’s a no-spam alternative that offers 40-90% deals daily.

"A wrapped canvas is a professional photorealistic reproduction printed on textured artist canvas and gallery wrapped around a sturdy 1.5" edge.

Upload your desired image and pass it off to Canvas on Demand’s image touch-up experts. They’ll make complimentary fixes, such as improving sharpness, balancing and enhancing the color, fine-tuning contrast, and removing suspiciously red eyes, before reproducing your image on a 16"x20" canvas. Customers can also opt to mail in traditional prints; Canvas on Demand’s image magicians will make a high-resolution scan and return originals by mail - unless they’re baby photos, which are returned via stork."

Current, VERIFIED Coupon (January, 2022). Expires on: Ongoing

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Tom wrote on:    Saturday, 08.4.12 @ 10:46am
Tip for Luzy: has acquired Canvas On Demand ( ) Same canvas print for less groupon-price, just search for "CafePress" at and voila, $39 for a 16"x20" Gallery-Wrapped Canvas ($124.94 Value)
canvas-on-demand-groupon comments
Tom wrote on:    Saturday, 08.4.12 @ 10:25am
canvas-on-demand-groupon comments
Luzy wrote on:    Saturday, 08.4.12 @ 01:32am
I was online trying to purchase a 16 x 20 canvas from Canvas on Demand (above says it is ongoing). When I click on Buy Now it shows that it is no longer available? If it is not available I can go to Gallery Direct and purchase a 20 x 24 for $39! I would rather order from COD since I've ordered several canvases from them but if the coupon is not available I have no choice but to go with the best deal.
canvas-on-demand-groupon comments
COD wrote on:    Wednesday, 03.30.11 @ 17:29pm
Meg - You can apply your Groupon towards any canvas size or combination on our site. It simply serves as a $126.95 voucher towards the value of your order. You can buy as many of these Groupons as you would like.
canvas-on-demand-groupon comments
Bree wrote on:    Wednesday, 03.30.11 @ 11:17am
Well, I can attest to the fact that your credit card info is safe, I use groupon all the time! I am also pretty sure your other answers are yes, but don’t quote me on the 2 small ones. However, I’m sure on the buying one as a gift, they don’t ask for her address, and I’ve bought gifts for my husband with no issues. Someone from groupon will probably answer, just wanted you to have something quick =)
canvas-on-demand-groupon comments
Meg wrote on:    Tuesday, 03.29.11 @ 23:27pm
Can the groupon be used to purchase two smaller canvases or just the one big one? Can I purchase a groupon as a gift for my cousin that lives with me? Or not because she has the same address? And is my credit card information safe? Thanks!
canvas-on-demand-groupon comments
COD wrote on:    Tuesday, 03.1.11 @ 13:52pm
One person can purchase as many Groupons for Canvas On Demand as they please.
canvas-on-demand-groupon comments
Emma wrote on:    Tuesday, 03.1.11 @ 13:38pm
Is there a limit to how many gifts can be purchased?
canvas-on-demand-groupon comments
COD wrote on:    Tuesday, 03.1.11 @ 12:57pm
Your groupon is good for the value of $126.95 on and anything additional to that value you will be responsible for.
canvas-on-demand-groupon comments
Madison wrote on:    Tuesday, 03.1.11 @ 12:52pm
What if I needed to add an additional service onto my order. Can I still do this while using the $45 special pricing and just add that fee to the $45?
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I just received my free canvas today and am highly pleased with it. I was not quite sure what to expect but even though I had to pay the shipping it was worth it. The canvas is great quality and couldn't be more satisfied. I have recommended them to several family and friends.

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I ordered one canvas print a few months ago and love it. The colors are prfect and the corners look good. I would recommend Canvas On Demand to anyone wishing to make a photo into a canvas!

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