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Great Big Canvas - Your premium provider of canvas wall art and panoramic canvas photos.

Great Big Canvas owned and operated by Canvas On Demand, this company offers a growing library of licensed photos to be produced on canvas. Great Big Canvas has more than 60,000 super hi-resolution photographs that are reproduced in wide screen format and stretched onto artist canvas or as photographic prints.

Great Big Canvas has the rights to use images from sources such as National Geographic and is continually adding the licensing rights to additional photographs. All Products are 100% Guaranteed.
Great Big Canvas Panoramic Images Get panoramic prints such as a landscape print, sunset prints, cityscape prints, skyline photos and all kinds of large canvas prints and canvas art posters. Up to 9 Feet Wide.
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Customer Reviews

38 reviews so far (post your own)
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Debra Bryan wrote on:    Saturday, 04.25.15 @ 00:16am
I found Great Big Canvas fabulous! I have had three orders delivered so far and everyone of them exceeded my expectations.The images were as the website showed, colours were excellent. Prices were good value and the service was great, arriving when they were supposed to. I even had two of my own photos enlarged and put on canvas. Ive been recommending Great Big Canvas to my family and friends
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Tina wrote on:    Friday, 03.27.15 @ 00:31am
Has anyone ever had a shipment to Australia? Were there any problems, extra cost at customs, long shipping time? I am getting the floating frame canvas of "Return to your rest" by Mark Lawrence if anyone has received the same would appreciate feedback on quality.
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Maria C-Berger wrote on:    Thursday, 12.18.14 @ 18:39pm
Great Big Canvas is a Great Big disgrace. I had a piece of my art reproduced to be in an art show that opened over 3 weeks from the date of my order. The customer service agent lied, telling me "no problem will be there way in advance." Tomorrow is the opening and no art work. My piece traveled from Durham NC on December 9th it then went to many parts of Colorado., starting in Denver, then reached my town of La Veta, and then was resent to Denver. No one is taking responsibility. I am canceling my credit card payment and returning it as it is of no use to me now,
thank you so much Big fat canvas fake
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Dana Faccini wrote on:    Friday, 08.29.14 @ 23:18pm
I just received my print,very fast shipping,packed great,love the pic,just keep in mind if you order a 90x30 you sacrafice some clarity,but that being said i am happy.
great-big-canvas comments
Dana wrote on:    Monday, 08.25.14 @ 22:07pm
Just ordered a 90x30 canvas print,looks great on website,been a week,still waiting for tracking number,I will keep everyone updated on what exactly happens,im getting a little nervous reading some of these reviews.
great-big-canvas comments
Larry Horsley wrote on:    Monday, 08.4.14 @ 19:46pm
I was totally happy with the prints I received, well packed and in my possession in less two weeks, I recommend Great Big Canvas to everyone
great-big-canvas comments
Barbara Carlisle wrote on:    Sunday, 01.19.14 @ 01:20am
I waited to order until Jan to skip any holiday shopping/arrival stress. My canvas arrived within 2 weeks of order. I absolutly LOVE it! Will order problems whatsoever. Quality is very good.
great-big-canvas comments
Andy wrote on:    Tuesday, 12.10.13 @ 20:43pm
I do think this company gives very good service and has an excellent money back guarantee. But although it's very nice that they'll refund our money, it's just sad from a recycling view that they don't take returns but just want a 3x5 swatch (to know we're not faking to get a free canvas). That's generous on their part, and I suppose if they make everything to order, it saves them from space/storage costs... enough to offset the losses for returns. BUT HERE'S MY WARNING FOR FUTURE CUSTOMERS: I bought "Reeds reflected in Sweet Bay Pond at sunrise" (Item #1170748). I think it's beautiful on the website and not bad in reality, but I bought the 48x38 size. The only way this would look good would be from across a large room. It's for a wide wall in a long wall. The lack of clear water line makes the reeds look long and weird, not normal and reflected. To avoid waste, and cost for them, I wish they'd warn us that large canvasses may need some viewing distance. [I couldn't find anywhere to write a review on their website; funny that this picture had a 5 star rating.]
great-big-canvas comments
Frank Ferguson wrote on:    Saturday, 12.7.13 @ 04:35am
I want to track my order.
great-big-canvas comments
Angie wrote on:    Thursday, 11.21.13 @ 19:17pm
Wow, I ordered a "test" canvas to see what the shipping was like as I've ordered from another company and the art came damaged twice. "Test" canvas was extremely well packed, no damage and it was beautiful! So I just ordered 8 more last week, received all of them yesterday and today, every single one is perfectly packed, no damage and they hang beautiful with the awesome kit that comes included, VERY PLEASED and I HIGHLY recommend and believe me I'm picky! Thank you Great Big Canvas Team YOU ROCK!
great-big-canvas comments
Kit wrote on:    Wednesday, 11.13.13 @ 10:15am
I agree with Kelly Duffy that the idea of cutting out a swatch to send back is ridiculous. I had placed my original order on a Sunday and that same evening changed my mind (which is an option that is offered) and was assured by email that there was no problem in changing order. When I received the print, it was the original order and several emails were exchanged before Great Big Canvas was convinced that there had been an error Rather than cut out the swatch, I was willing to pay shipping costs to return it and discovered that it would cost $40.00. Clerk at FedEx recommended my contacting company to send a return label.I did contact them and was informed that the company does not keep ready made prints in stock. The BBB may be interested in this method of operation.
great-big-canvas comments
Kelly Duffy wrote on:    Friday, 09.27.13 @ 11:02am
I have not received the items I purchased so I do not know what the quality is like. I called to cancel because I changed my mind. I was told that when I receive the item in the mail, I was to cut out a 3 x 5 inch swatch from the center of the print and send only the swatch back. Does this make sense to anyone? Why would I not send the entire item back. Is this a scam?
great-big-canvas comments
ed b wrote on:    Tuesday, 09.10.13 @ 22:29pm
i recently ordered 5 pictures from them,there shipping was prompt and the pictures are priceless great job all the way around.
great-big-canvas comments
Cheryl wrote on:    Thursday, 08.29.13 @ 21:25pm
We just received our canvases today and were impressed with the fast delivery. They shipped the two paintings to Canada and were able to get around duties. Our only complaint is that the paintings are not textured. As another review said they are basically a picture printed on a canvas. However, because of the convenience, selection and their willingness to customize we will definitely be shopping with them again.
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Andrew wrote on:    Friday, 08.16.13 @ 13:47pm
I just received a 44"x60" NFL canvas for my gameroom and I am completely blown away. I read reviews about the company before, something about rough customer service during the holidays... Not for me... Customer service was amazing, delivery was quick, and the product is awesome! Will be returning for future business... If you have concerns about purchasing with this company, don't... It's top notch!
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Linda wrote on:    Sunday, 08.11.13 @ 17:34pm
Received my order promptly. Was packaged well and prints were excellent. Love the hangers they provide. Very easy to hang. I saved over 100 dollars for what the same order would have cost me on I was slightly concerned due to some of the other reviews, but the price persuaded me and I am very happy I went with them. Would definitely order from them again.
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Alana wrote on:    Wednesday, 04.10.13 @ 14:34pm
I was very interested in purchasing from your company, however, until I read better reviews that will not happen. Customer Service should be your #1 priority.
great-big-canvas comments
Tom wrote on:    Monday, 04.1.13 @ 22:24pm
Absolutely the best! Ordered on Monday, emailed me with tracking info on Wednesday and delivered on Friday. The 24X72 wall peel print has amazing color and crisp detail and the price was unbeatable. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anybody.
great-big-canvas comments
Maureen reilly wrote on:    Thursday, 03.28.13 @ 01:52am
My review is....really mixed, or on the minus side
I feel, after getting my order, that this a lot of money for a very cheap, albeit, cool product. It's basically a big photo on canvas (cheap) secured by giant staples (cheap) to a cheap wood frame...i mean, to produce this probably cost 25.00....
also, they messed up my order, taking my Groupon on the phone, assuring me it would be entered..check your credit card, people! did not! will have to make phone calls about that.
another print I ordered was a shell on sand...the print arrived with a shadow that is bright looks absurd..clearly a print/color correction issue
My take is this: if you have your own pic, this is a fantastic idea.if not, well....for the price, you can get far better quality at a store. the price is just not in relation to the product, and, they mess up the billing.
I will say the shipping is well done.
great-big-canvas comments
d. sabol wrote on:    Saturday, 03.9.13 @ 08:02am
We are thrilled with our split canvas print from great big canvas. It is nicer than the likeness online, looks like it could be an actual painting, and it came quickly. We were hesitant, after reading reviews, but I think some folks need to be more patient during the holiday season. Our print came in 6 days. The web site is amazing. You can search for anything and then you can view any print in any style. We were looking for a split canvas for over our piano. Love it! Love the price and coupon offered!
great-big-canvas comments
Jess G wrote on:    Wednesday, 01.16.13 @ 02:37am
Wonderful company! I got my canvas within a week and it was better than I expected! It comes with easy to hang tools and instructions and was a cinche to get up on the wall. Would definitely order from them again.
great-big-canvas comments
Joelle wrote on:    Saturday, 01.5.13 @ 20:01pm
I ordered my item from GBC the weekend before Christmas. I didn't expect them to have the canvas to me so soon but I have been calling daily, waiting on hold which results in my opting for them to call me back. Unfortunately, they haven't gotten back to me. I am becoming increasingly frustrated that I am not only unable to reach the company after they have charged my card for hundreds of dollars but I am completely clueless as to where they are in my order process. As of right now I would not recommend purchasing from this company. They should be ashamed of themselves as to how they are handling the correspondence of their consumers. I am truly shaking my head in disbelief as I read these reviews. I am throughly disturbed.
great-big-canvas comments
Deborah wrote on:    Friday, 01.4.13 @ 13:06pm
Ordered a $500.00 item on December 12th with no expectation for it to arrive by XMas. 1 week after December 25th, we still had not received any email with a tracking number. Sent an email and called this company 3 times with similar results as stated above. Informed the product was in the "glazing" process and needed to dry, frame had not been made yet, etc. The email states 5-8 business days, not even close. I called them December 31st and after being disconnected and no one called me back immediately, I told the phone rep. if my order and or tracking number was not received within the week I would be cancelling the order and calling my credit card company. Received an email with tracking for overnight shipping from fed ex with item to arrive tomorrow, January 5th. I'm not holding my breath and now concerned the product will not look similar to the site. WHY would a complany be closed during the holidays when this would be a huge revenue generating time??? This owner is clueless how to run a business.
great-big-canvas comments
John wrote on:    Sunday, 12.23.12 @ 16:39pm
Ordered Dec 7th. Here we are dec 23rd with their "you'll have it by Dec 22nd!" guarantee, and still nothing. Totally unacceptable. Will not order again.
great-big-canvas comments
Susan wrote on:    Wednesday, 12.19.12 @ 13:40pm
I have been attempting to contact Great Big Canvas and only receive the same message over and again that no one is available (phone and e-mail). I ordered my print on the 9th of December and need it before Christmas to give as a gift to my son. I am ready to cancel this order and contact my credit card company to reverse the charges. I have no way of knowing whether or not this has been shipped and am beginning to think that the company is fraudulous. I am hopeful to read some of the above reviews, but am even questioning whether or not these are legitimate.
great-big-canvas comments
Pam wrote on:    Wednesday, 12.19.12 @ 12:50pm
I need to update my review above. I waited 39 minutes on hold and spoke to a pleasant operator who confirmed that my order shipped five days after my order date, and that it will arrive in time for Christmas. She also provided the Fedex tracking information. I'm pleased that I got the answer I needed. It just seems that when items are shipped, an email to me with the tracking number would have saved a lot of anxiety!
great-big-canvas comments
Pam wrote on:    Wednesday, 12.19.12 @ 12:24pm
I'm on hold now at 16 minutes and counting. I ordered a jumbo size print for my niece for Christmas on December 13th. Other than an email message that provides an order number, there is no information about when the product will ship, or when I might receive it, and no way to check on the shipping status other than to call a number that no one seems to answer. I did send an email and got an automated response that says it takes 2-4 business days to respond to e-mails. This was supposed to be a Christmas gift. Based on the reviews above, it sure looks like I will have to cancel the order and go find another gift!
great-big-canvas comments
Jamie wrote on:    Tuesday, 12.18.12 @ 20:05pm
Per my above post...they are going to get me the correct print in 2 weeks. Its unfortunate we had the delay and got the wrong print but they are making it right.
great-big-canvas comments
Jamie wrote on:    Tuesday, 12.18.12 @ 14:20pm
They tell you item will ship in 5 to 6 days, item wasn\'t shipped for 3 weeks. We called in after 5 days letting them know that this was important and we needed before the 15th. We were told it would be expedited and they still did not complete the order on time. We get the package 3 days late. They have HORRIBLE customer service this time of year if you try to call, sometimes get option to OPT for a call back and others none. So to top it off...we got the right image, but the color version of it when we had ordered the Sepia version. Can\'t recommend them because we were treated so poorly....despite the product being of pretty good quality.
great-big-canvas comments
marian wrote on:    Thursday, 12.13.12 @ 17:44pm
I starting to think this site is scam. I got through fine when i was looking to orde something. Now I cant get in contact with anyone and i spent money for a Christmas gift that was suppose to be sent to my son in Europe for a present. Now i have no numbers, no reply, and no call back.. Really!!
great-big-canvas comments
susan wrote on:    Thursday, 12.13.12 @ 15:30pm
Today I learned that you need patience around the holidays. I had never written a review before I wrote the above one and it was out of frustration from not being able to get a response from the company when I phoned or emailed. After writing the review, we received an email that our order had been shipped and would arrive that same day, which it did. Our canvas was wrapped well and it is beautiful--we are very pleased with the results and will order again from this company!
great-big-canvas comments
susan wrote on:    Thursday, 12.13.12 @ 10:13am
We have been waiting 2 weeks for our canvas product. I phoned and wnen online to check shipping status. I get the same recording. It seems impossible to reach anyone to ask a question, and no answer online either. This company needs to improve customer service.
great-big-canvas comments
George wrote on:    Thursday, 12.22.11 @ 11:04am
As I sit here after 45 minutes of being on hold, I decided to write this review... I think the customer service for this company is a bit lame. Aside from an order number, they do not provide any means of checking order status except to call. Once my call was picked up (just now) the girl was VERY Vague as to when I could expect to see my order. All a bit frustrating... I prefer being able to log into my account online and seeing the exact status of my order....
great-big-canvas comments
Carlos wrote on:    Thursday, 12.1.11 @ 18:00pm
After moving into our new home a year ago, my wife and I have had to deal with all types of online companies from Amazon to Best Buy. This has been the best all around online shopping experience I've had. The order process was easy and when the product was going to be two days late they called to see if that it was ok but it actually came on time. When my 38" X 52" framed picture came in, it looked as good as I hoped it would. Its hard to tell that its even plexiglass. I was thinking about ordering the picture and having it framed but that would have most likely cost me an unnecessary $300 more. Will definitely be using GBC canvas again...
great-big-canvas comments
Dexter wrote on:    Wednesday, 08.10.11 @ 15:46pm
I just recieved my print after 5 weeks... the customer service was awful, they over charged me by $9, the toll free number was always busy, and they never call back.

The canvas looks ok, but not worth the price. Up close it's very grainy and poor quailty. I would highly recommend finding another company.
great-big-canvas comments
aaron wrote on:    Saturday, 06.11.11 @ 15:05pm
disappointed. it took forever for me to receive my canvas, and it when it arrived the colors were drastically different than the photo that displays on their website. an off-white tone printed as bright orange, and a pale peachy color was practically the shade of fire. i had them reprint it (another 2 weeks of waiting time), and it still looks way different than the photo on the website. just too expensive for this kind of complaint.
great-big-canvas comments
Steve wrote on:    Friday, 02.11.11 @ 11:26am
1st time I've ever bought from Great Big Canvas and definitely not my last. Highly recommended, makes any room look that much better!!! The colors are sharp and bright and the outer edges look great. The canvas print really looks better live than online (Maybe my monitor is not calibrated well :-). Concerned about shipment of stretched giclee canvas print (72x24"), but arrived in excellent condition. It was wrapped very well and shipping was very prompt. No complaints. Good purchase for the money. And don't forget: to save money on your next purchase, use some coupons from this site for the best Great Big Canvas coupon codes ;-)
great-big-canvas comments
Pete wrote on:    Thursday, 09.23.10 @ 23:55pm
I just received my canvas from the Great Big Canvas website, as a photographer I was amazed by the quality. I received fast and it was very easy to navigate to the picture I wanted. I recommend it for everyone who would like to hang something amazing on their walls.

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